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How to Cancel Shakeology?

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How to Cancel Shakeology?

How to Cancel Shakeology?

Shakeology is a natural meal replacement drink that helps in improving digestion, reducing weight and increasing energy. It is manufactured by BeachBody. It is available for the residents of the USA, Australia and Canada. People residing outside these countries are required to order it online through third-party delivery companies, like Check out Skakeology reviews and the Health Guide for more information about the products. There are two primary ways through which you can order Shakeology: either through a one-time order or through subscribing to the auto-ship delivery option.

Subscribing to the auto-ship delivery option means Beachbody will supply you Shakeology every month at your doorstep and automatically deduct the money from your account. Everyone will be happy with this service, since they do not have to request or place an order every single time they need it.

However, a time may come sooner or later when you won’t need Shakeology anymore. This may be caused after reaching your final weight loss goal or you may just feel that you don’t need it anymore. No matter what is in your mind, you have to cancel your subscription. You can cancel your Shakeology by two basic options provided by Beachbody: either by phone call or by a chat with the company’s customer service.

Cancelling via Chat

The link to the chat room is available on the website. To cancel Shakeology via chat, you have to provide necessary information regarding your account, like the type of membership (whether customer or coach) and the email address. After choosing your group type, a box will pop up with options for you to click on it. Then you have to click on ‘cancellation,’ and fill in the product name you want to cancel, order number, billing zip code, and other required information. Then you have to press the submit button.


The server will connect you to an available customer care representative to chat with you and you have to mention the reason for the cancellation. You will be asked to fill a form in PDF and email it to them. At some point, your contact number may be collected to make the process quick.

Cancelling via Phone call

Two phone numbers are also provided so that you can call and ask for canceling Shakeology. It is just like calling a telecommunication customer care representatives to cancel a plan you are subscribed to. You will be required to provide information about your account and other details. It is noticed that cancellation via phone number seems to be faster. However, you have to be patient enough and wait till a customer representative picks your call.

To ensure that the cancellation takes immediate effect, you are charged to submit your request in three business day before the next scheduled payment. However, if you are a coach, cancellation of Shakeology can affect your contest for promotions.

Nevertheless, some customers may find it difficult to cancel the recurring order since Beachbody may still charge you even after filing for cancellation. Call the customer care unit for a refund. 

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    Amanda Book 18/11/2016

    Great guide about how to cancel the Shakeology subscription. This helped a lot after a loss my weight.

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