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How to Become a Paediatric Nurse

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How to Become a Paediatric Nurse

How to Become a Paediatric Nurse

Paediatric nurses, also known as children’s nurses, specialize in caring and applying health treatment to infants, and young children. In order to become a pediatric nurse, you must first study and work as a registered nurse (RN). The job can be both a demanding, but rewarding career choice. We discuss what it involves in more detail below:


This is a profession where different people are included from different genres, and so people usually work with communities or families. Some major responsibilities are:

  • Caregiving facilities prior to and after major operations
  • Checking the pulse, the temperature of patients and also helping with the collection of blood or urine samples.
  • Checking the hygiene conditions and safety for the patients.


The demand for the pediatric nurses is rising high with the passing years, and it is presumably high for the nurses that carry a higher degree with them. They may start with the basic education and training but later with a higher degree and educational qualification they can opt for this thus giving rise to the need for pediatric nurses.


The pediatric nurses who are registered are likely to earn around £21,692 per annum. The salary of course changes with your working experience and the responsibilities of the job but it ranges between £26,040 and £40,000. The promotion of the nurses depends on the chances you get and how you prove yourself. Your qualifications may also increase while you work.

Paediatric Nurse

Working Hours:

The working hours for a pediatric nurse completely depends on the hours you spend while you work. If you are someone working in hospitals, you will have to work for 8 to 12 hours at least and for 5 days of a week. The people who take 12 hours shifts have to work for either 3 or 4 days of a week.


Resilience and strength of character are critical. When you are working as a pediatric nurse, you can expect to work in clinics under a specific doctor. You can work in hospitals or diagnostic and surgical centers for caregiving and the collection of samples. You will have to cooperate with children mostly and also check their hygiene, health and daily records. You can also work in private organizations.


You should have a pre-registration degree of nursing if you want to work as a pediatric nurse. If you are a normal graduate in biological sciences, then you will have to get a postgraduate diploma of two years. There is no requirement for previous experiences in caregiving or nursing, but if one has experienced, it is a plus point for them.

Paediatric Nurse

Experience/ Skills Requirements:

  • You should have a proper health and hygiene.
  • You should be able to help children and convince them for betterment.
  • You need to have great stamina to work through the day.
  • You should be able to communicate properly with everyone.

These are some of the major qualities of a pediatric nurse, and one should attain the most of them to be the best one. Also, keep in mind the minor details.

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