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All you need to know about Healthstat Inc.

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All you need to know about Healthstat Inc.

All you need to know about Healthstat Inc.

There is a famous saying “health is wealth.” However, not many people treat their health as they treat their wealth. They tend to make many compromises on health, and as a result, it starts to deteriorate and leads them to dire circumstances.

The need of the hour is to bring certain changes in the lives of people, so that they could live a healthy life and this is exactly what Healthstat’s mission is. Not only changes in the health habits of people, Healthstat is at the helm of bringing healthy changes in physical, social, and financial conditions. Their objective is to improve the general well-being of people and for this purpose they are actively engaging patients. Furthermore, they are also engaging employers so that the health of the workforce in their organization could be improved.

The journey of Healthstat commenced over 15 years ago. They started with the idea to ensure workforces, all over the US, have easy access to healthcare services. Their mission was to promote wellness and encourage them to live a healthy life.

Healthstat works by drafting tailor-made and individualized healthcare plans for organizations for facilitating employees working there through their clinics. They offer premium healthcare services through their onsite, near site, and shared healthcare centers. In these centers, they offer an array of services to employees of organizations they are working with. These services include providing education support to employees, drug testing, and providing prescriptions to them.

Healthstat offers integrated services for the patients. Right from health assessment to the management of chronic and fatal conditions, they ensure patients receive proper guidance and support. Apart from providing innumerable benefits to patients, Healthstat has proven extremely beneficial for organizations as well.

The most prominent benefit it offers them is a reduction in their healthcare cost. Since Healthstat’s clients employees will be in good health condition, there will be no sick leaves and lack of productivity from their end. The energy level of the workplace will be high and the atmosphere will be positive. The overall health of the employees will improve, which will improve their focus and concentration at work. As a result, they will be able to work to their maximum abilities, as a result, your business will prosper and flourish.

A number of leading employers in the US have availed the services of Healthstat and have seen a noticeable improvement in the healthcare management for their employees. You can also be one of them; all you have to do is to contact Healthstat for information on an onsite, near site or shared health clinic and get a tailor-made healthcare plan for your employees. Multiple factors including their current health condition, age, workplace atmosphere etc. will be considered while drafting the healthcare plan for your firm. You will be spared from bearing costs of getting your employees treated in private healthcare centers as Healthstat will be there at your service.

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