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8 Aromatic Indoor Plants That Purify Air Naturally

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8 Aromatic Indoor Plants That Purify Air Naturally

8 Aromatic Indoor Plants That Purify Air Naturally

What better thing can you ask for from a plant than one that’s going to smell amazing and one that’s going to purify your air? When you’re breathing the air of your home, it’s best that you’re not breathing in any air that’s not pure. That’s exactly why you should think about starting to grow some of the below aromatic indoor plants if you want your house to smell great and your air to smell great. Keep reading down below to learn some more.


1. Rosemary


Depending on what you might already use rosemary for, you might use it for cooking, while you might also use it for an herbal tea. The rosemary is an evergreen plant because of its spiky green needles. You can keep rosemary growing indoors during the entirety of winter, so you will have this smell-good plant around all of the time. As with most evergreen plants, they are great air-purifiers and are going to seriously de-humidify your air.


2. Lavender


The first thing that you need to think about this next herb on our list is if you are allergic to it or not. Many people find that they are allergic to lavender when they plant it in their house. If you’re not allergic, then great! You can continue growing this plant that smells absolutely amazing. The aroma from lavender actually can help relax your lungs and help you have a better night’s sleep – who knew!


3. Basil


Next up, we have one of everyone’s favorite herbs that you can grow with an indoor LED light from Lumi Growth – basil. This plant is super easy to cultivate in most areas of the world, so no worries if you live in a pretty hot or even a pretty cold place. You can use basil for everything from making an herbal tea to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in your house.


4. Mint


Next up, we have another favorite herb for those of you who like to have some nice mint tea once in a while. Mint is going to make the air in your house much easier to breathe if you suffer from a lung disease. Plus, their aroma is just amazing to have around the house, especially in the winter when all that’s on your mind is peppermints and cookies.


5. Jasmine


Jasmine is going to open up its flowers between the hours of 6 PM and 8 PM, meaning that your house is going to smell absolutely amazing during those times. In addition to that, jasmine tea is one of the most popular teas that you can make for your health and wellness.


6. Geranium


There are so many different species of geraniums that you can take advantage of in your home. If you can tolerate the aroma of a geranium, then it’s a great one to have around the house. It’s going to repel any mosquitoes around and is great at repelling other insects and pests.


7. Coffee Plant

Coffee Plant

Coffee plants are super easy to cultivate in your home, so this is a good one to try out if you’re just starting in the planting game. This plant is going to smell so refreshing in the morning that you probably won’t even need that cup of coffee in the morning anymore!


8. Woodbine


Woodbine is also known by its more popular name of honeysuckle. It has one of the sweetest scents on this list, but just make sure that where you grow it has plenty of sunlight!


There you have it! When you are looking for the best plants to grow indoors that are going to purify your air, these are the best ones.

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    Cathy 03/10/2017

    Could you tell me where to buy lavender here on Samui? Thanks. Cathy

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